Friday, June 9, 2017

Cauliflower Pizza...A Blossoming Craze!

Pizza is one of my favorite foods in the world but each slice of pizza can be upwards of 300 calories for a small piece of pizza. If you eat three pieces then you consume about 1000 calories just on the pizza alone. And that doesn't take account for the ranch that you may enjoy on your pizza. My mouth waters just talking about pizza, but there is one big problem that we have to deal with. The elephant in the room is the amount of grease and calories that reside in the pizza itself. Weight loss can be accomplished, all while eating pizza. Let's take a look at both the pepperoni pizza and the cauliflower pizza. Cauliflower pizza...the blossoming craze!

We all love that crunchy, chewy, juicy, mouth watering and satisfyingly luscious pizza that we call pepperoni pizza. My favorite is Mountain Mike's We all love different toppings on our pizza and pizza is a diverse a food as it gets. For the sake of argument and analyzation we are going to look at pepperoni. There is a whopping 300 calories for a 3.8 slice of a 14" large pizza. If you want to break that down further, you can think of it like this. It is going to take 78 minutes of walking or 34 minutes of jogging in order to burn 1 slice of pepperoni pizza out of your body. If you eat 3 pieces of pepperoni pizza you can easily get to the 900-1000 calories mark in just one meal. There are 683 milligrams of sodium in 1 slice, which equates to 28% of your daily value of salt for the day. Multiply that by 3 to 2049 milligrams of sodium or 84% of your daily value.

If we put ranch on our pizza, that equals 73 calories for 1 tablespoon of Hidden Valley ranch dressing! You don't even want to know how many calories that would be if multiplied times 3. If you each a tablespoon of ranch on each slice of pizza, you will eat 219 calories alone, just in the dressing for your pizza. In case you wanted to know, 3 slices of pepperoni pizza with 3 tablespoons of ranch of ranch equates to 2268 calories in just 1 meal! We aren't even going to look at the possibility of a salad after this.

I would love to introduce to you, the cauliflower pizza. It is the much slimmer and much more attractive cousin to the hefty pepperoni pizza and is a beautiful choice for weight loss and your diet. In very nearly the same slice of pizza, the cauliflower pizza embodies just under 100 calories per slice of pizza at 97 calories. Cauliflower is full of 200% of your daily dose of vitamin C for 1 slice of pizza. The cauliflower pizza is a delicious alternative to the piece of pepperoni pizza. I also would recommend cutting the ranch and not eating it on your cauliflower pizza.

Saving Calories
How many calories can you save altogether for eating cauliflower pizza instead of pepperoni pizza? You can save an incredible 600 calories in the pizza alone, 219 calories by cutting the ranch, totaling 819 calories! If you end up eating this cauliflower pizza for another meal, then you save on that meal too.

Just because you're on a diet and doing your weight loss program doesn't mean that you have to starve yourself. You can eat delicious foods, but you have to eat the right foods. I would like to extend an invite to comment on the cauliflower pizza alternative idea and to please share and subscribe to our blog as we will be saving loads of calories. We have saved you a total of 819 calories with this first food alternative that is a healthy choice in many circles. Look below for a cauliflower pizza recipe on Pinterest! Enjoy that tasty pizza!


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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Saving Calories

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Cauliflower Pizza...A Blossoming Craze!

Pizza is one of my favorite foods in the world but each slice of pizza can be upwards of 300 calories for a small piece of pizza. If you e...